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Introducing our law firm

About Pooja

With more than two decades poised at the intersection of public service and distinction, Pooja has secured her seat amongst the very best legal professionals that Birmingham has to offer. For years Pooja has fought to reunite hundreds of low-income children with their families and her passionate, servant heart coupled with a fierce and keen sense of justice has earned her recognition as one of Birmingham’s top Women Attorneys, not once, but four years in a row. 



Putting Family First

The goal of the Family court should be to reunite and strengthen families.

As Judge, I will create an environment that promotes healthy families by:

  • Promoting wraparound services.

  • Implementing holistic approaches to better serve children and their families.

  • Providing a path to reconcile children to their families in a safe and healthy environment.


Equal Opportunity

Your social or economic status should not affect your treatment in the courtroom.

When elected judge, I will ensure that everyone has equitable treatment under the law by:

  • Demand procedural and distributive fairness.

  • Base rulings on the law, and not emotions.

  • Provide the opportunity for all parties to be fairly heard.


Personalized Solutions

To strengthen families and our community we must develop solutions that fit individual family needs. As Judge, I will not take a one size fits all approach. By carefully examining each individual case, I will create solutions that work for your family by:

  • Partnering with community organizations to help meet the needs of families.

  • Ensuring that all parties understand the “why” behind rulings.

  • Create teams to work with families to understand and develop solutions that best fit their needs.

Servant Leadership. Experience. Dedication



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